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Let's kick it old school.
Here's my little idea.

I’m just gunna reblog these guys, purely because they inspire me every single day. 
Or just even a couple of minutes…

Short animation i just found. 

Bad Day.

So, I did those sketches of the backgrounds. I intended to develop these and make them into colour.

Today I did an A4 copy of the African plains and used oil colour. Looked rubbish.

Noticed that animators use watercolour. So i just did a version in watercolour. Looks rubbish.

Conclusion: I’m going for black and white. I’m pretty good with the ol’ pencils. So the background’s will be shaded. The animated pieces will be black outline and black, greys and white acrylic. Save money in the process too! 

So yeah, that’s today’s goings on. 

Inside of Ryan’s house. Design. 

This is adorable. 

Never Shout Never - On the Brightside

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